Ancient Mongolia for Kids - Warriors, Horse Hats, Whistle Arrows Illustration

The Ancient Mongols
Warriors, Horse Hats, Whistle Arrows

Horse Hats:

The ancient Mongols loved hats! They even made hats that their horses could wear, when their warriors rode their horses into battle. The hats were made out of colorful felt. Most of these hats were designed with felt antlers similar to the antlers of a reindeer or stag.

They also braided their horses tails with long colorful pieces of felt. They made saddles. They covered the saddle with soft cushions to make the warrior's ride more comfortable. They put a colorful blanket under the saddle to protect the horse.

This was done in part to give their horse a more impressive look, and in part to keep evil spirits away.

Whistle Arrows:

The Mongols used whistle arrows to scare their enemies in battle. What they would do is carve holes in the end of an arrow so that it would whistle in flight. When the Mongols had an arrow in the air, you could hear it. The more arrows in flight, the louder the noise.

It must have been a terrifying sound for their enemies to hear.

Mongol Men:

Mongol men were herders. But they were also warriors. It was not until the age of the khans that trained armies were part of the culture.

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