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The Ancient Mongols
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Create Mongolian
Teaching Myths

  • Working in groups, first create a list of good classroom behavior.

  • Have each group select one or two items on their list.

  • Direct each group to create a myth designed to teach that behavior.

  • Have each group share their myth with the class.

  • Myths can be accompanied by music if groups wish.

Ovoo Luck
Messages to the Gods

  • Direct your students to draw a picture of an ovoo with three items on it.

  • Under their picture, have them explain what these items are requesting.
    For example, if you put a crutch on your ovoo, you might write: Seeking luck to fix an injured leg.

  • Give your students some time.

  • Ask for volunteers to share their ovoo drawing and its meaning.

  • Post all ovoo drawings on the walls of your classroom.