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One of the important customs kids were taught is how to greet people with respect and honor. Elders were greeted first with a verbal well wishing greeting. People, even today, greet each other with wishes that all is well in your life. They say things like - "May your herd be peaceful." "Let your journey be lucky."

Mongol Customs:

Here are some of the rules of the ancient Mongol world:

  1. You may not beat horses, dogs, or animals. It would be the same as beating a close friend.

  2. You may not throw any waste into water including rivers and lakes.

  3. You must feed all guests, or at least offer food.

  4. You must build two bonfires with an open path between them and direct traders to walk along the path between the fires to be purified before trade can occur.

  5. Greet all people with a well wish.

  6. Deep respect can be shown by putting your hand on your heart and bowing.

  7. The highest form of greeting is to give a gift of a blue scarf.

  8. It is forbidden to be unfair. Here are two old Mongol sayings or proverbs:
    "Better the bone be broken than ones reputation."
    "Better to die with a good reputation than be alive with a bad one."

The Mongols had an enormous number of taboos, restrictions, and unwritten laws. Each generation taught these rules to their children, who taught them to their children.


One of the ways the Mongols taught their children good behavior was by using stories, myths, and legends to make a point. The Warrior Well is a story we created that is loosely based on an ancient Mongol myth. What do you think this story might teach an ancient Mongol child about his or her own customs?

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