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The Ancient Mongols
The Felt Tent People

The ancient Mongols invented the ger - but what is a ger? Learn about whistle arrows, fabulous hats, horse head fiddles, well-wishing, salty tea, and the magical Shamas. Read the story of The Warrior Well. Come meet the felt tent people and learn about life on the steppes. Welcome to ancient Mongolia!

Daily Life on the Steppes

White Food & Salty Tea

Dels & Fabulous Hats

Tent Homes (gers, yurts)

Well-wishing Customs

Myths & Camel Stories

Music & Dance

Religion, Shaman, Tasm Figures, Ovoos

Festivals & Competitions

Inventions & Achievements


The Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khan, Khaan Khan) - Many Names, Same Man

Mongolia Today

For Teachers

Lesson Plans & Classroom Activities