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The Ancient Mongols
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Lesson Plans

Natural Barrier - Gobi Desert

The Silk Road (Donn)

How did the Mongols create a great land empire? - with 3 handouts

The Mongols (History Channel lesson plan)

Marco Polo lesson plans

Mongolian Museum (Score lesson, when the Mongols were in China)

Fall of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and the rise of the Ming Dynasty

Mongolian Museum

Fall of the Mongol Dynasty


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The Mongols for Kids Index

Free Mongols Clipart

Classroom Activity Ideas

Create Mongolian
 Teaching Myths

  • Working in groups, first create a list of good classroom behavior.

  • Have each group select one or two items on their list.

  • Direct each group to create a myth designed to teach that behavior.

  • Have each group share their myth with the class.

  • Myths can be accompanied by music if groups wish.

Ovoo Luck
Messages to the Gods

  • Direct your students to draw a picture of an ovoo with three items on it.

  • Under their picture, have them explain what these items are requesting.
    For example, if you put a crutch on your ovoo,
    you might write: Seeking luck to fix an injured leg

  • Give your students some time.

  • Ask for volunteers to share their ovoo drawing and its meaning.  

  • Post all ovoo drawings on the walls of your classroom.


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